Greek – language of the “Logos”

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Even if Greek language flows like blood in the veins of their proper languages, most foreigners consider it as an unusual language of an exotic country, ignoring that some of the most basic ideas and principles of their civilization emerged from the rich and profound sea of this ancient but always actual and useful language.

Precise as science and melodic as music, both practical and theoretical, the language of the Greeks provides us with the words that capture notions such as chaos (χάος), cosmos (κόσμος), logic (λογική), harmony (αρμονία), philosophy (φιλοσοφία), music (μουσική), democracy (δημοκρατία), technology (τεχνολογία), theater (θέατρο), history (ιστορία), psychology (ψυχολογία), politics (πολιτική), mathematics (μαθηματικά), economy (οικονομία), between others, reflecting the power, the wealth and the beauty of a civilization which transcends the borders of a country to become a driving force for humanity. Pluralistic and amusing like a game, Greek language invites us to explore its miraculous world.

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